A guitar course for the  beginner and intermediate fingersyle or classical guitarist, using Facetime Skype and/or Video exchange,

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Why learn to play the guitar? Chat with any guitar player (at any level) and they'll tell you about how much fun they have just playing a few chords.  They'll mention that it stimulates your thinking and gets that old left-brain/right-brain integration sparking along. And they might even mention how great it feels to sing a favorite song, to connect with other players, and to add a creative spark to your day. Overall, playing guitar is a rewarding and stimulating hobby! 

So, is it hard? With regular lessons and a tested method will get you up and playing fast. I'll develop your ear / understand for playing, and get you to built build a great technique while mastering some of your favorite tunes

Whatever your level of experience there is something new to add to your guitar tool bag each week.  Whatever your aspirations - playing in the kitchen, at a party, doing an open mic or presenting a festival performance - together we'll design your lessons to achieve those goals.

Here is an interview for a Brisbane Radio Station 612


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I'm on 0431 11 30 41 or check out my details on the contacts page.

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